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Buying on a Budget?

Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers carries a wide variety of new and reconditioned machines that meet most financial plans. Our high quality machines can be placed on a customized plan that best suits your requirements and environmental needs through leasing, renting or rent-to-own. We carry top brands such as Tennant, Nobles, HTC and Pioneer Eclipse. Whether you purchase from us or another vendor, our technicians offer parts and preventive maintenance to optimize your machine’s performance. All our equipment comes with our Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers ultimate satisfaction guarantee.

Call a customer service representative today for up-to-date availability and pricing of our current inventory or browse our selection. Products we offer:

HTC 270EG Diamond Grinder


Nobles Speed Scrub 17-20 Walk Behind Scrubber


Tennant M30 Combination Sweeper/Scrubber


Pioneer Eclipse 420 BU Burnisher

Pioneer Eclipse

Used Tennant 8410

Used Tennant 7400

Used Tennant T20 w/ EcH20

Used Tennant S20