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Diamond Grinder Rentals

Diamond grinders are frequently used to smooth concrete surfaces to fix imperfections, remove coatings, rejuvenate surfaces and prep for sealing application. We carry edge grinders, remote control grinders and basic diamond grinder models for rent. Browse our selection of high quality diamond grinders and contact a customer service representative to rent the product that best fits your needs.

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Edge Grinder: 270 EG

Remote Control Grinder: 800 RX

Most Basic Grinder: 800 Classic


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HTC 800 HDX Diamond Grinder

The 800 HDX comes with 121 lbs. of additional integrated...

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HTC 800 RX Diamond Grinder

The HTC 800 RX is a remote controlled diamond grinder...

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HTC 800 HD Classic Diamond Grinder

The 800 HD Classic is an extremely reliable machine. Thanks...

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HTC 950 RX Diamond Grinder

The 950 RX performs efficiently due to its 36.2" grinding...

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HTC 650 E Classic Diamond Grinder

The 650 E Classic model is fitted with three grinding discs....

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HTC 650 RX Diamond Grinder

The 650 RX offers a raised handle that provides an...

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HTC 650 HDX Diamond Grinder

The 650 HDX is a handy diamond grinder that comes...

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HTC Greyline 550 Diamond Grinder

The Greyline 550 features a three-phase grinder, enabling it to...

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HTC 500 Diamond Grinder

The HTC 500 covers all your coarse grinding, preparation, and...

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HTC 420 VS Diamond Grinder

The HTC 420 is a small, durable machine with a...

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HTC 270 EG Diamond Grinder

The HTC 270 EG features a three-angle adjustable grinding head...

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htc 80 dust exta

HTC 80 iD

The HTC 80 iD is equipped with a high performance...

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HTC Greyline 450 Diamond Grinder

The Greyline 450 is a single-phase grinder with three grinding...

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HTC Greyline 400 Diamond Grinder

The Greyline 400 is best suited for removing floor coverings,...

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HTC Greyline 270 Diamond Grinder

The Greyline 270 is great for projects that require floor...

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GL 25D product

HTC Greyline™ 25 D

The Greyline™ 25 D is a single-phase dust extractor that...

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HTC Greyline™ 35 D

The Greyline 35D is a single-phase dust extractor designed to...

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HTC Greyline 40™ D

The Greyline™ 40D is a three-phase dust extractor designed to...

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Ermator S36 Dust Extractor

The S36 features 50 square feet of maximized, pre-filter air...

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Ermator T8600 Dust Extractor

The T8600 has two individually tested and certified HEPA filters....

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Ermator S26 Dust Extractor

The Ermator S26 comes with two HEPA filters, each certified...

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