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Cleaning large areas takes less time with our riding scrubbers. Our rental products come in a variety of sizes as well as gas, diesel, propane and battery power varieties. Have a more eco-friendly clean with products with ec-H2O technology which allows them to use less water and chemicals. Browse our rider scrubbers and contact a representative today to find your perfect cleaning solution.

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Battery: T7, T15, T16, 7100, 7200, 7300, Speed Scrub Rider
Gas, Diesel, Propane: T20, 7400, 550-1550

Sweeper/Scrubber Capabilities: 7400, T20

(Diamabrush™ products can be used on disk machines only.)


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Tennant T12 Rider Scrubber

The new Tennant T12 can help you achieve an overall...

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Tennant 550-1550 Rider Scrubber

The super-sized 550-1550 implements dual high speed brushes for extra...

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Tennant 7400 Rider Scrubber

The 7400’s amazing FaST™ technology decreases idle refill time and...

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Tennant T20 Rider Scrubber

With its aggressive scrubbing capabilities, the T20 achieves excellent cleaning...

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Tennant 7300 Rider Scrubber

The 7300 is easily accessible with its intuitive controls and...

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Tennant T16 Rider Scrubber

The T16 was built with quality construction and innovative Tennant...

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Tennant T15 Rider Scrubber

The T15 allows you to clean environmentally sensitive areas with...

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Tennant 7200 Rider Scrubber

With its high versatility, the 7200 enables daily cleaning across...

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Tennant 7100 Rider Scrubber

The 7100 possesses maximum machine life from its innovative engineering...

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Tennant T7 Rider Scrubber

At 67 decibels the T7 is as loud as a...

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Nobles Speed Scrub Rider Scrubber

The Nobles Speed Scrub comes equipped with two cleaning path...

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