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Our industrial rider sweeper rentals are perfect to effectively clean large areas quickly. Available in Gas/Diesel/Propane and Battery models, our products can handle hardwoods, carpet and street cleaning. Browse our selection or rider sweepers below and contact a representative today to find the perfect machine for your cleaning needs.

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Battery: 61006200

Gas / Diesel / Propane: 355, 385, 64006500/6550, 6600/6650800/810, 830-II, SentinelS20S30


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Tennant Sentinel Rider Sweeper

Use the Sentinel to keep the debris cleared from your...

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Tennant 830-II Rider Sweeper

The 830-II model thoroughly penetrates the contours of any outdoor...

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Tennant 800/810 Rider Sweeper

The 800/810 features a large capacity hopper with corrosion-resistant bottom....

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Tennant S20 Rider Sweeper

The durable S20 is compact in size and big on...

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Tennant S30 Rider Sweeper

With its 3-stage sweeping system, the S30 delivers excellent performance...

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Tennant 385 Rider Sweeper

You can't get a more rugged, long-lasting machine than the...

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Tennant 355 Rider Sweeper

The 355 sweeper is tried and true with a 60"...

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Tennant 6600/6650 Rider Sweeper

The 6650/6600 delivers superior performance from its legendary multi-stage dust...

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Tennant 6500/6550 Rider Sweeper

The mid-sized 6500 is designed to clean a variety of...

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Tennant 6400 Rider Sweeper

The 6400 offers one-pass sweeping with maximum dust containment. This...

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Tennant 6200 Rider Sweeper

The 6200 delivers superior performance with efficient, one-pass sweeping and...

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Tennant 6100 Rider Sweeper

The 6100 effectively captures dust and debris with efficient, one-pass...

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