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Used I-Mop XL Scrubber

Model: i-mop
Manufacturer: Tennant
Power Source: Battery

Clean the floors of your industrial or commercial offices with the Tennant Company i-mop XL® Scrubber. Designed for the cleaner, this unique model offers the cleaning performance of a walk-behind floor scrubber with the motility of a mop. Offering a cleaning pressure of nearly 50 pounds and an 18-inch cleaning path, the i-mop XL allots versatility in indoor applications with ease of use. 

This battery-powered walk-behind floor scrubber offers up to 70 minutes of cleaning time. Ideal for smaller spaces, such as: 

  • Industrial offices
  • Commercial office spaces
  • Educational facilities
  • Medical facilities

Freedom from plugs and movement means that your facility operators can ensure a fresh, clean floor to prevent workplace accidents. Choose the advanced i-mop XL walk-behind floor scrubber from Tennant Company, and experience the progressive design and superb cleaning qualities Tennant Co. is known for in the industrial and commercial floor cleaning industry.

PDF Downloads:
  • I-mop XL Brochure
  • I-mop Operator Manual
  • I-mop Parts manual
  • I-mop Battery Charger Manual
  • i-mop Specs
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