Buy or Rent HTC Diamond Grinders and Parts Buy or Rent HTC Diamond Grinders and Parts

HTC Diamond Grinders and Parts

HTC Diamond Grinder 800 RX

HTC Grinder Build-Up Removal (video below)

HTC Grinder Polish (video below)

HTC is the industry leader in diamond grinding machines and can offer a large number of flooring solutions from surface prep, grinding and polishing to upgrading and maintaining floors. With 30+ years experience with concrete floor maintenance, our sales team and customer service department provide unmatched knowledge and assistance.

We provide on-site service and training to ensure the rental process is easy and smooth for you. We only offer high quality machines, however, if ones breaks down, we come to you, order the parts and manage the repairs. If the unit cannot be fixed immediately, we have the inventory necessary to find a suitable replacement.

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HTC Grinder Build-Up Removal Video


HTC Grinder Polish Video



HTC 800 Classic

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