Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine Rentals Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine Rentals

Industrial Cleaning Machine Rentals

We carry the largest selection of sweeper, scrubber and diamond grinder rental units in the United States and between our sales team and customer service department we have 30+ years of experience with industrial cleaning equipment. We cater to our customers’ every need with superior service by renting the highest quality floor cleaning units.

We provide on-site maintenance and training to ensure your rental experience is smooth and easy. If a unit breaks down, we will come to your, order the parts and manage the repairs. If it can’t be fixed immediately, we have the inventory to find you a suitable replacement.

Our experienced team would love to guide you through the process of choosing the perfect equipment to fit your company’s needs such as:

  • Cleaning an industrial warehouse or small office
  • Cleaning hardwood floors, carpet or concrete
  • Providing chemical floor treatments to match the toughest jobs.
  • Efficient add-ons for your machines such as EC-H2O, FaST, ES and ReadySpace
  • Reoccurring custom rental programs. We’re willing to work out special rates including rent to own.

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Rubber Removal

800 Rider Sweeper


Walk Behind Scrubber & Rider Scrubber (Before)

Scrubbing (Before)

Walk Behind Scrubber and Rider Scrubber (After)

Scrubbing (After)

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Sweeping and Scrubbing

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DiamaBrush(tm) Polish

Rubber Build-up Removal

Rubber Build-up Removal


Diamond Grinding