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T-Rex™ tools are designed for the removal of coatings on surfaces not conventional grinding. They are made for the thickest coatings such as paint, lacquer, acrylic and adhesive and screed residue. This model does not allow you to adjust the grinding pressure but you get a more uniform removal if the surface is very uneven.

* This model does not allow you to adjust the grinding pressure, but you get more uniform removal if the surface is very uneven.

T-Rex™ Dome

T-Rex™ Dome is designed to remove all types of coatings. It can remove thick coatings such as paint, varnish, epoxy or acrylic coatings as well as glue and screed residue.

T-Rex™ Super

A further development of the T-Rex tools, these tools have extreme properties like an exceptional cutting ability and in increased efficiency and life. This is helpful in removing tick floor coatings and improves tool economy during floor preparation.

C Series

The C Series is great for concrete that is soft, loose or porous. They also have a long life span helping save money over time.

CA Series

The CA Series is a complete line of tools that are best used on normal to soft concrete, natural stone and terrazzo. They have course segments which are ideal for removing floor coatings such as epoxy paints, adhesives, self-leveling compounds and more.

SF Series

The HTC SF series has a profile height of 13mm which maximizes life without effecting quality. Combined with their revolutionary EZchange system, this is one of the best metal bond diamond tooling series for medium to hard concrete floors.

CX Series

The Concrete Extreme (CX) tools outperform current metal bond tools on the market. They have a longer life and better cutting rate saving you both time and money.

SR Series

The new SR series replaces HTC’s pervious SR and MR tool series. This SR series is optimized for grinding with more space between the segments. Each tool has a unique formula for improved cutting performance and longer life. These six tools are primarily used in the HTF Superfloor process.

FP Series

The new FP series has a better matrix elongating their lifespan. Combined with the EZchange system this series is one of the best resin diamond tools available.

Block Series

The Block series resin line not only cuts and performs like a metal bond tool but has the same life expectancy. It leaves a smooth profile to follow up with unlike traditional metal bond tooling. This series has an extremely long life compared to normal resin tools and can be a good starting grit in place of metal bond tooling on some floors.

Fenix Series

The Fenix Series is best for coarse grinding and is a very efficient first step with a high capacity. The Fenix II series is updated with a new formula and design giving it an increased performance. It is best used in the grinding of screen products, concrete, natural stone and can also be used in the HTC Superfloor process. The pads are easy to attach on hook-and-loop holders under HTC machines. Their different colors show the different grit.

These dry copper diamond pads can be used on handheld angle grinders or on the HTC 130 edge machine. They are great for the transition from metal to resin bond tools and can be used as a starting grit on smoother floors. The recommended RPM is 2,000-3,500.

EdgePro Metal Bond

The Soft Concrete EdgePro Metal 5” Brown Tool features a flexible metal bond disc for dry use on concrete. This may be used instead of diamond cup wheels. These can be used with a handheld angle grinder or the HTC 130. These discs are fast, cutting, aggressive and create a smooth finish.


EcoEdge Resin Bond

The EcoEdge Resin Bond pads offer a more economic option to edge polishing. They may be used on handheld angle grinders or on HTC 130 edge machine. The recommended RPMs are 2,000 – 3,500.


The EZgrind™ is for everything from coarse grinding to polishing, whether you’re working with natural stone, terrazzo, or concrete. These tools are also suitable for edge grinding and preparation of difficult-to-reach surfaces. EZgrind™ can be used for both dry and wet grinding.

Diamond Xpress

Diamond Xpress is a grinding system for marble, terrazzo and other similar types of floors. Thanks to advanced diamond and composite technology, the system requires no water. This provides significant savings in personnel, equipment and management. By eliminating water, the grinding process can be completed in half the time. Moreover, the end result is improved thanks to a higher gloss.

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