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DiamaBrushâ„¢ is the manufacturer of diamond abrasive tools for industrial and commercial flooring applications, be it a do-it-yourself project or professional job. Utilizing a series of diamond grit blades, it has never been easier to grind and polish concrete floors to a retail-like finish.

Southern Sweepers and Scrubbers can sell you these products to go on your existing equipment or we can rent you the equipment with the DiamaBrushâ„¢ system.

Call us and one of our customer service representatives would be more than happy to come up with a solution to your application.

SSS has numerous years of experience in the floor cleaning business, 185+ combined with our staff! This experience allows us to customize a plan to meet your NEEDS & BUDGET. Every floor and application is like a diamond, they will never be the same. That is where our expertise allows us to identify the proper solution and create an easy fix for your business.

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