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Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors offer a clean, aesthetically pleasing appearance in any industrial or commercial facility or complex. Whether polishing up an existing coating on your facility’s concrete floor coatings or preparing your floors for a coating, Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers, Inc. offers a variety of equipment, chemicals, and materials to help you achieve beautiful floors in your industrial or commercial facility. 


Choosing Your Concrete Polishing Equipment

A polished, coated concrete floor offers additional safety for your employees and visitors. At Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers, Inc., our highly-experienced customer service representatives assist our customers in choosing the equipment required for their floor polishing and coating needs. Our concrete floor polishing equipment includes:

Choosing the right equipment for your needs can sometimes present challenges and questions when designing your plan. Our Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers, Inc. team can help you find a local contractor who can assist with your design and plan to ensure your application is completed promptly and efficiently.

Contact Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers for Polished Concrete Floor Equipment

Are you ready to transform your commercial or industrial space with a new polished and coated concrete floor? Contact your local Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers, Inc., and let our experienced, knowledgeable team help you choose the equipment and materials and even help you find a local contractor to complete your project.

Before & Afters of Industrial Floor Polishing

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