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PowerBoss Commercial Floor Scrubbers & Sweepers

Since 1985 PowerBoss has been a leader in industrial cleaning equipment built to handle even the most rugged environments easily. PowerBoss industrial floor sweepers and scrubbers feature innovative design and cost-effective features and are a reliable choice for even the toughest industrial environments. 

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PowerBoss Floor Sweepers: Simplify the Cleaning Process

PowerBoss prides itself on understanding the wants and needs of the industry and providing innovative solutions. With this in mind, we offer the Aqua-Stop system, maintenance-free gel batteries, onboard chargers, simplified controls, and many other advancements that support our customers and the green movement.


PowerBoss Floor Scrubbers: Rugged Cleaning Machines

PowerBoss walk-behind and ride-on floor scrubbers are heavy-duty machines that will help any crew clean faster and more efficiently:

  • PowerBoss riding floor scrubbers have an ergonomic design for increased operator comfort, which leads to reduced operator fatigue and more productivity. 
  • The walk-behind scrubbers from PowerBoss offer new environmentally-friendly features and advanced cleaning technologies. 

Whichever version of PowerBoss floor scrubbers you choose, you can count on these machines to get your facility looking its best. 


PowerBoss Combination Floor Sweeper-Scrubber: Ultimate Efficiency

The PowerBoss combination floor sweeper scrubbers provide aggressive sweeping with industrial-grade scrubbing power. These machines are easy to maneuver and will effectively clean floors in just one pass. PowerBoss combination sweeper scrubbers are high-performance machines guaranteed to keep your facility’s floors sparkling clean and debris-free. 


Purchase or Rent PowerBoss Floor-Cleaning Solutions

You can count on Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers, Inc. to find the PowerBoss floor sweeper, scrubber, or sweeper scrubber that is perfect for your work environment. If you have any questions about available PowerBoss machines or would like a test drive, please give us a call today! 

Our factory-trained and certified technicians are available to keep your PowerBoss floor cleaning machines in top working condition. If your machine requires service or repairs, get in touch and let us get you back up and running to alleviate any downtime and keep your facility clean and debris free.

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