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Dulevo Sweepers & Scrubbers

Dulevo is an industry-leading outdoor floor sweeper manufacturer for industrial complexes and street cleaning. The company focuses on certifying high levels of technology and implementing a growth process that has made them able to create a range of products to meet a variety of customer and market needs. 

Outdoor Sweepers


Dulevo Industrial Floor Sweepers: Latest Technology Solutions

Dulevo focuses on combining leading-edge cleaning technology with the multiple needs of their customers. You can clean both indoor and outdoor areas with Dulevo’s wide range of walk-behind and ride-on sweepers. In addition, Dulevo machines use a precisely-engineered ultrafine filtering system that they adapt to fit all of their machines.

Since 1976, Dulevo has been producing floor sweepers for industrial, commercial and municipal environments. Their floor sweeper machines are perfect for cleaning large spaces, but are mainly used for street cleaning. Dulevo floor sweepers are available only as riders. 


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