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TERMS & CONDITIONS, Inc. (“Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers”) Terms and Conditions of Sale and Warranty

Reconditioned Equipment & Warranty

Unless otherwise stated, all reconditioned units are covered by Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers Dead on Arrival Guarantee and a 30 Day Parts & Labor Warranty. All equipment that is sold "AS-IS" includes no warranty of any kind and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Furthermore, "AS-IS" sales may not be refused for delivery.

All reconditioned machines are rebuilt to Customer’s order. A machine is considered sold to the Customer after the order has been placed and payment is received by Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers. Due to the customization of the equipment for Customer’s needs and the cost of the equipment, any cancellations of reconditioned equipment orders will result in a 30% restocking fee. Lead times quoted are not guaranteed but are Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers estimates.

Machines sold in RENTAL READY condition generally fall between AS-IS and fully reconditioned. RENTAL READY implies that the machine is operating and performs the basic function it was designed for. Every feature on the machine may not be operating. The wearable parts are not new. The machine may also be visibly dirty with scratches, dents, missing paint, debris in the hopper or tanks etc. Warranties for RENTAL READY equipment are different than reconditioned machines. RENTAL READY warranties cover only the major components required for immediate operation of the machine. These include hydraulic brush motors, drive motors, vac fans etc. These do not include items like head lights, door latches, brakes, tires, brushes, filters, squeegee assemblies, horns, hoses, seals etc. Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers has final authority on any warranty claim. RENTAL READY machines are often pulled directly from Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers rental fleet where the machines are operated daily at customer locations.

(DOA) Dead On Arrival Guarantee

If a machine is delivered and received by a Customer and is not properly functioning at the time of delivery, AND if the Customer notifies Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers in writing within 24 hours of receipt of the defective machine, Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers may, at its election and cost, dispatch a service rep to Customer’s location to repair the machine OR return the machine to Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers location for repair and then ship it back to the Customer. Pictures must be included in the claim and submitted to Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers within 24 hours of receiving the machine. If it is decided that the machine will not be repaired, Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers will provide the Customer with replacement credit in the amount of the purchase price paid or refund the Customer’s money.

NOTE: If the machine has been damaged during transport and the Customer accepts delivery from the transportation company, the Customer MUST notify Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers immediately by submitting pictures of the damage along with written documentation and note any damage on the Bill of Lading. Otherwise, the Dead On Arrival Guarantee is void. Once the machine has been accepted from the transportation company it may not be possible to file a claim if these instructions are not followed. Therefore, Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers may not be responsible due to the Customer accepting delivery of a damaged machine. Also, if the Customer elects to pick up the machine at one of Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers locations or otherwise arrange for a pickup of the machine with a third-party freight company the Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers Dead On Arrival Guarantee is void. In this circumstance the ownership of the machine is transferred when the machine leaves Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers facility. This policy is in place because Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers takes every effort to select transportation companies with experience in moving heavy equipment and often puts security dividers in the cargo area to separate and protect machines. Do not use forklifts to move machines in any way. Doing so will void all warranties.

International Warranties

If a machine's destination is outside of the United States, the standard warranties described above do not apply.  The Dead-on Arrival Guarantee for these shipments expires 24 hours after the machine is delivered to its U.S. shipping destination listed on the invoice. The machine must remain at that location to receive any repairs under warranty if there is an applicable warranty.  If there is any applicable parts warranty, Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers will deliver the covered parts to the same U.S. address listed on the invoice.  

90 Day Parts Warranty for reconditioned equipment

If any part on a reconditioned unit fails to properly function within 90 days of the Customer’s receipt of said unit, Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers will replace the part at no charge to the Customer. The Customer is responsible for any labor and/or trip charge associated with replacement of the part, and the Customer is responsible for returning the defective part to Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers within 5 days of receipt of replacement part at the Customer’s expense. Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers will not reimburse the Customer for parts purchased by the Customer.

All electrical parts and wearable items are sold with no warranty and are not covered by the above 90-day parts warranty or any other warranty. Wearable items include for example wheels, brushes, and squeegee blades. For questions regarding electrical and wearable items, please contact Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers. It should also be noted that used/preowned machines sold by Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers may be expected to have a worn and/or weathered appearance. Therefore, Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers will be the final authority on parts warranty questions.

Returns / Exchanges / Cancellations

Except as set forth herein, all items are sold AS-IS and without warranty. Defective items are covered by the 90 Day Parts Warranty and the DOA Guarantee. Requests for returns of non-defective machines must be made to Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers within 24 hours of receipt of the item and must be approved in advance by Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers prior to return by the Customer. In the event that the Customer purchases a machine from Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers under a lease via a third-party agent there is no option to return or exchange the machine. For machines that may be returned, the Customer is responsible for shipping costs from the Customer’s location. If the item has been unpacked, it must be repacked for appropriate safe shipping and must contain all manuals, blank warranty cards, and other accessories and documentation contained in the shipment to the Customer. Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers recommends the Customer fully insure any return shipment in case it is lost or damaged and use a carrier that can provide proof of delivery. Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers makes no guarantees nor accepts any liability for incorrect parts being ordered regardless of any assistance offered during the transaction.

Freight / International Fees

Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers is not responsible for delays in freight. Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers makes no guarantees on delivery even when expedited services are purchased. Once the product has been shipped all parties are at the mercy of the freight company and any delays they may incur (e.g. weather). Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers is not responsible for redelivery fees or any other fees associated with specialized deliveries. Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers freight covers transportation from dock to dock and utilizes freight companies that typically deliver Monday through Friday from 8-5. If your business operates outside of these business hours, please advise us or arrange for customized delivery. For international shipments, Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers is not responsible for destination fees including: port fees, unloading fees, delivery and clearance charges, inspection/customs and quarantine fees, duties and/or taxes or any other miscellaneous charges/fees at the country of arrival. These international destination charges are paid in local currency to the unloading port or the handling agents by the Customer.

Parts orders placed online may be cancelled by Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers if the freight calculated is insufficient to cover the costs of shipping the order.

Replacement Parts purchased online or via phone/email

Warranty parts issues can be handled by contacting our customer service department at 877.377.7552. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO CANCELLATIONS, EXCHANGES OR REFUNDS ON PARTS. ALL SALES ON PARTS ARE FINAL ONCE THE ORDER HAS BEEN PLACED BY THE CUSTOMER. 

Pricing Disclaimer

Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the items (including part numbers and descriptions) and prices on our website. Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers is not responsible for pricing errors displayed on our website and is in no way obligated to complete a transaction in which an error has been made. Prices are subject to change at any time. We reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason and may choose to refund the entire purchase. Qualifying refunds will be processed at the sole discretion of Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers via credit card, check or wire transfer depending on the circumstances.

Photo Disclaimer

Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers utilizes multiple vendors to source products.  It is not possible or feasible to display photos of every type (shape, color etc) of part or machine from each manufacturer.  Therefore, Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers is not responsible for variations in color or other differences that do not affect the performance or function of the part or machine. Refunds and/or returns may not be authorized for these differences.   


All equipment sales are 100% prepay only. There are no exceptions. Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers prefers payment via either money wire transfer or cashier’s check. Payment via business check or personal check will result in delays of shipping of five business days for all funds to completely clear both parties’ banks. We also accept major credit cards or payment via paypal.

Credit Card Fees

Equipment orders purchased via credit card may be subject to an additional fee up to 4% of the total purchase amount.

Waiver of Terms

If Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers determines to waive in whole or part its policies and accept any return, there will be a minimum 30% restocking fee.

Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers reserves the right to modify or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.

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