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Factory Cat: Industrial Floor Scrubbers, Sweepers, and Cleaning Machines

Built by the R.P.S. Corporation in Racine, Wisconsin, Factory Cat industrial floor sweepers, floor scrubbers, and sweeper-scrubber combos are battery-powered and made to last. These industrial floor cleaning machines boast industry-leading performance in a compact body that makes them agile and easy to operate.

Factory Cat Floor Sweepers: Tough and Durable Dual-stage Cleaning System

Durable Factory Cat floor sweepers are available in both walk-behind and riding models. Factory Cat floor sweepers use a built-in micron filtration system that traps the smallest particles to keep the air in your facility clean and fresh during operation. Factory Cat’s sweepers also come standard with built-in dust flaps that prevent dirt and debris from spreading while you clean. 

Factory Cat Floor Scrubbers: Outstanding Quality & Durability

Factory Cat industrial floor scrubbers are designed to be long-lasting, heavy-duty machines tailor-made for a wide variety of cleaning applications. You can choose between walk-behind and riding models.

Factory Cat Scrubber-Sweepers - Built to Last

Factory Cat’s reputation for durability and longevity makes its industrial sweeping and scrubbing machines a solid investment. Both their walk-behind and riding models will keep your floors clean for years.

Purchase Factory Cat at Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers

You can count on Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers, Inc. to find the Factory Cat industrial floor sweeper, scrubber, or sweeper-scrubber combination machine that is perfect for your facility’s sanitation needs.  Keep us in mind when your Factory Cat industrial floor cleaning machines require service or repairs, as our factory-trained and experienced service, technicians are available to help.

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