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PowerBoss Armadillo 10X Sweeper

Model: Armadillo 10X
Manufacturer: PowerBoss
Power Source: propane-gas-diesel


General Overview:

Armadillo offers a quality, cost effective sweeper that will provide extra years of consistently reliable service. Manufactured to a heavy-equipment design criteria, it meets the most rigorous of cleaning requirements. In fact, Armadillo is a truly rebuildable sweeper, much like many forklift trucks. This means a longer life than most conventional sweepers.


Dust Filter: 180 sq ft
Height: 55.38 inch
Hopper Capacity: 2000 lbs
Length: 105.88 inch
Main Broom: 56 inch
Performance: 217800 sq ft per hour
Side Broom: 26 inch
Weight: 4575 lbs
Width: 68 inch
Cleaning width: 72/84 inch

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