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Powerboss Nautilus

Model: Nautilus
Manufacturer: Powerboss
Power Source: propane-gas-diesel


Quick Scrub: Utilizing only one switch, the operator can have all functions turn on and off. The functions (SCRUB & or VACUUM) are selected prior to cleaning. The GREEN QUICK SCRUB master switch turns the selected functions on and off. Individual functions can be adjusted by the operator during the cleaning process. The operator can change water flow and brush pressure on the move.

Pro Scrub: Prolonged Runtime Operation – Long scrub time before draining and refilling.

105 Gallons of Solution Water Flow Rates:

      • Normal: .88 gallons per minute = 2 hours of runtime
      • High: 1.5 gallons per minutes = 1 hour, 10 minutes of runtime

Professional Cleaning Results: Two powerful Eaton hydraulic motors turn two 45” cylindrical brushes at 425 rpm. Choose 200, 300 or 400 lbs of down pressure using the selector knob on the operator control panel. Rip the build-up off the floor or bring the polish back to the high gloss finish. 11,500 CFM vacuum completely dries the floor allowing forklift or foot traffic to travel safely behind the machine.


Key Features:

    • Quick Load Hopper: The squeegee is tilted up out of the way so the debris hopper can be removed from the machine. Now the hopper can be moved effortlessly using the Easy Roll Casters. Now the debris can be disposed of safely and easily using the plastic Safety Dump debris trays.
    • Quick View Squeegee: The squeegee tilts up for squeegee adjustments or changes to be made quickly. This feature also allows for daily inspection and clog removal to be performed easily.
    • Edge Scrub: The optional heavy duty edge scrub allows the operator to clean close to walls and rack rows. If contact is made the assembly collapses underneath the machine momentarily then resumes it’s normal position. The edge scrub assembly retracts underneath the machine when not in use.
  • Stainless Steel: No Corrosion, Made to Last.
    • Scrub deck
    • Scrub deck doors
    • Scrub deck hinges
    • Side squeegee frame, rear squeegee frame
    • All squeegee attachment bands — Inner, outer and side
    • Debris hopper is all stainless steel on easy roll casters
PDF Downloads:
  • Nautilus Brochure
  • Nautilus User Manual
  • Nautilus Parts Catalog
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