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Tennant 5680 Battery Walk Behind Scrubber

Model: 5680
Manufacturer: Tennant
Power Source: Battery

The Tennant 5680 is built on the same platform as Tennant’s most popular selling scrubber the Model 5700. The 5680 was designed with rental companies and cleaning contractors in mind. Cleaning applications with ever changing operators will appreciate the simplicity and ease of use that this machine offers. Simplicity also means durability. This machine can handle the wear and tear from being moved from job site to job site with heavy daily use. Its powerful gear driven drive system allow it to easily climb ramps for maximum portability.

The Tennant 5680 shares all of the same attributes as the 5700 when it comes to durability. The machine is made of components that will not rust. The electrical system is the best in the industry with all wiring wrapped in Kevlar and triple seal water tight connectors. Heavy duty motors and drives allow operators to do everything from stripping floors or removing coatings, to polishing concrete.

PDF Downloads:
  • 5680 Brochure
  • 5680 ec-H2O spec sheet
  • 5680 Operator Manual
  • 5680 Parts Manual
  • 5680 Operator Checklist
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