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Tennant 7200 Battery Rider Scrubber

Model: 7200
Manufacturer: Tennant
Power Source: Battery

The Tennant 7200 is a top performer in it's category - providing fume-free scrubbing along with low water and solution use. Because it is a battery powered machine it can be used at indoor locations where a propane or gasoline type machine would not be appropriate.

The Tennant 7200 features easy "no-tool" squeegee and brush replacement as well as their FaST System. The FaST system utilizes technology that reduces water consumption by controlling the flow of solution to the floor as well as the mixing of chemicals - solution is dispersed onto the floor in a foam form that breaks down dirt better than normal solution, and is picked up by the squeegee leaving your floors both clean and increasing their foot traction.

PDF Downloads:
  • 7200 Brochure
  • 7200 Operator Manual
  • 7200 Parts Manual
  • 7200 Specs
  • 7200 Operator Checklist
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