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PowerBoss Admiral 40-40" Disc

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Part Number:LE0C23CD95



General Overview:

  • A choice of equipment to meet your requirements: Wet scrubbing and dry vacuuming in one operation and a presweep option is also offered.
  • The 82 gallon tank allows for long run times. Optional dirty water recycling system for multiple use of the cleaning solution.
  • A strong industrial heavy-duty fork lift truck drive with power reserves for gradients of up to 20%.
  • Two separate drive motors for the scrubbing brushes with high degree of stability even when carrying out thorough basic cleaning.
  • Working close to the edge and increased working width up to 46” when wet scrubbing as a result of the suspended side scrubbing unit (option).
  • All working functions such as wet scrubbing, supply of water, dry vacuuming, all at the push of a single button.
  • The machine is programmed by our engineers according to your specific requirements (for example, brushes and water supply stop when machine comes to a standstill).
  • Quiet battery drive, free from exhaust fumes and quick exchange of batteries in approx. 2 minutes.
  • An ergonomic workplace with fully sprung driver’s seat which can be adjusted to the driver’s weight. All operating controls are in direct reach of the operator. Easy steering, simple to operate.
  • Optimum view of the area to be cleaned and of the operating panel thanks to the seating position at the center of the machine. Handy: operator can mount the machine from both sides.


Brush Diameter: 20 in (53 cm)
Brush Motor: 2 x .9 hp (2 x 700 W)
Drive Motor: 3.2 hp (2400 W)
Height: 79 in (200 cm)
Height without handle: 55 in (140 cm)
Performance: up to 75,347 sq.ft./h ( 7.000 m2 /h)
Recovery Capacity: 82 gal (310 litres)
Solution Capacity: 82 gal (310 litres)
Squeegee Width: 50 in (126 cm)
Weight: 3,940 lbs (1787 kg)
Weight without drive/batteries: 1,559 lbs (707 kg)
Working Speed: 4 mph (7,0 km/h)
Cleaning width: 55 in (138 cm

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