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Orbio os3

Model: os3
Manufacturer: Tennant
Power Source:

Could your facility use a multi-purpose cleaning solution and disinfectant/sanitizer station on-site? Integrate the Tennant Company Orbio® os3 electrically activated water (EAW) system into your commercial or industrial facility or complex, and easily create a safe, welcoming environment while streamlining processes for both employees and visitors. 

The compact design of the Orbio® os3 allows for easy integration into your facility’s janitorial closet or storage space, and can easily be mounted on the floor or the wall to reduce space. Durable and versatile, the Orbio® os3 offers two cleaning solution outputs to easily dispense the necessary solutions for your applications. 

Additional highlights of the Orbio® os3 include: 

  • Next generation OSG technology
  • Compact, intuitive operational interface
  • Reduced environmental footprint
PDF Downloads:
  • OS3 Brochure
  • OS3 Operator Manual
  • OS3 Parts Manual
  • OS3 Spec Sheet
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