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Strive With ReadySpace

Model: Strive
Manufacturer: Nobles
Power Source: Battery

ReadySpace Dual Mode Extractor

Get both deep cleaning and interim carpet care in the Strive®ReadySpace Dual Mode Extractor. The Strive cleans large areas and can be enhanced with Tennant's ReadySpace® Rapid-drying Carpet Technology. Carpets are clean, dry and ready for use in less than 30 minutes with ReadySpace, clean effectively on up to a 3 degree angle.

  • Cleaning Type: Deep Clean, ReadySpace
  • Cleaning Path: 22 in
  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 21 GAL
  • Vacuum Motor: two .64hp, 3 stage
  • Battery run time: 2.5 hours on one charge
  • Lift dirt and debris out of the carpet and dispose into the recovery tank with two powerful, 3-stage vacuum motors with 120 in/3,050 mm of waterlift.
  • Spend more time cleaning and less time messing around with empty/fill cycles with the huge 21 gal / 72 L solution and recovery tanks.
  • Double agitation and counter-rotation in one pass means a more thorough clean and lift of the carpet pile; the Strive offers a wide 22 in/560 mm cleaning path and up to 400 brush/roller rpm.
PDF Downloads:
  • Strive Brochure
  • Strive Operator Manual
  • Strive Parts Manual
  • Strive Specs
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