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PowerBoss Admiral 35

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Part Number:V510F6A953



General Overview:

  • Guaranteed powerful basic and maintenance cleaning: for example.: brush pressure can be adjusted via a foot pedal for basic cleaning.
  • A powerful, efficient pre-sweep unit to sweep up loose dirt in the dry area in front of the scrubbing brushes (optional equipment).
  • A connection (fitted as standard) for hand-held scrubbing and vacuuming tools for thorough cleaning of corners and areas difficult to access.
  • A powerful drive motor with power reserves for gradients of up to 10%.
  • Comfortable operation. As a result of the compact construction, areas which were previously cleaned with a walk-behind machine can be cleaned while the operator is seated comfortably.
  • Optimum view of the area to be cleaned thanks to the central position of the driver’s seat.
  • Extremely easy operation: the green button starts all working functions at the push of a single button.
  • The machine is programmed by our engineers according to your specific requirements (for example brushes and water supply stop when machine comes to a standstill).
  • Four wheel design with three wheel maneuverability


Brush Diameter: 18 in (46cm)
Brush Motor: 1HP (820W)
Brush Pressure: 132 lbs (60kg)
Brush RPM: 200 rpm
Drive Motor: 1HP (820W)
Height: 54in (137cm)
Number of Brushes: 2
Performance: 57,000 sq.ft/hr (5.300m2 /h
Recovery Capacity: 37 Gal (140l)
Solution Capacity: 37 Gal (140l)
Vacuum Flow: 118m3 /h
Vacuum Waterlift: 68 (170mbar)
Weight: 1,653lbs (750kg)
Weight without drive/batteries: 772lbs (350kg)
Working Speed: 4mph (6km/h)
Cleaning width: 35 in (88cm)

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