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Tennant T500/T500e Battery Scrubber

Model: 500/500e
Manufacturer: Tennant
Power Source: Battery

Deliver predictable results, extend machine life, and reduce cost of ownership with a suite of innovative technologies. The T500 / T500e Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers provide optimal performance and consistent results on virtually any hard floor surface condition while lowering cleaning costs. Help make your cleaning operation more productive and consistent by choosing from multiple cleaning heads, including an orbital head, and a variety of optional innovative technologies. *Model T500 / T500e replaces Model T5 / T5e.

PDF Downloads:
  • T500 Brochure
  • T500e Brochure
  • T500 Operator Manual
  • T500e Operator Manual
  • T500 Parts Manual
  • T500e Parts Manual (SN1000000-20000000)
  • T500e Parts manual (SN30000000-40000000)
  • T500e Specs
  • T500 Specs
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