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Factory Cat Sanitation Scrubbers

Model: Sanitation
Manufacturer: Factory Cat
Power Source: Battery


Designed to Quickly Disinfect High Traffic Floors and other High Touch Hard Surfaces in your Facility

Factory Cat Sanitation Scrubbers, powered by Zer03 + Antimicrobial Tanks are the only machines on the market today that were purposely built to help you in the fight against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. 

Factory Cat Scrubber / Sweeper Equipped with Sanitization Package

Save time and effort.
Scrub, Sweep, and Disinfect Floors with one machine.

In order to disinfect any hard surface, it first needs to be clean. Our cylindrical scrubber/sweeper machines with sanitization package will help your staff be as productive as possible when cleaning and sanitizing your facility. Equipped with a separate 3-gallon tank dedicated for EPA approved disinfectants and a 100-PSI spray gun, these machines save valuable time, allowing for quick and effective application of disinfectant solutions to hard surfaces. Use it to disinfect high-traffic floors as well as high-touch hard surfaces like worktables, off aisle areas, and even restroom fixtures.

All Machines Include These Options:

  • 3-Gallon dedicated Disinfectant tank and 100 PSI Handheld Spray Gun
  • Onboard Zer03® (Detergent Free Cleaning System)
  • Antimicrobial Tanks (while supplies last)
  • Urethane Squeegee Blades
  • Non Marking Tires
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