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Choosing To Rebuild vs Buying New or Used                                          

Your existing sweeper or scrubber can look and work like new again. Here at Southern Sweepers & Scrubbers, we have a certified rebuilding program that can help save you thousands of dollars versus buying a new or used unit. We have several options to meet your machine needs and budget. Whether it be a new machine, used machine, reconditioned, or repairs. We offer rental options as well, while your current machine gets reconditioned. If you chose to, reconditioning a unit is both economical and environmentally friendly. By eliminating excessive scrap going into landfills and going "green" your business reduces consumption. This saves money, is good for the environment, and has a positive impact on the public opinion of your company.

Each reconditioned machine is done by a Factory Trained technician with at least 10 years of experience. You can rest assured that our rebuilds are thorough and complete while allowing you to potentially save thousands. Our technicians' experience and thoroughness allow you a quick turn around time and a machine that performs to Original Equipment Manufacturer performance. Below is an example of a recent machine rebuild by our technicians. Call us today for a quote or more information.








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