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Tennant 830-II Diesel Powered Street Sweeper

Model: 830-II
Manufacturer: Tennant
Power Source: propane-gas-diesel

This is Tennant's Largest Sweeper and is fully operational. Unit boast a 87" sweeping path and has dual side brooms. Unit is powered by a Turbo Diesel engine.

-Waterless side brushes dust control for areas incompatible with water.

-Vario Sweeping Brush moves in and out, up and down to reach hard-to-access areas on either side of the machine.

-A 91/2-ft. (2.89 m) high-dump allows discharge into large roll-off bins and dump trucks. The 830-II’s 9-1/2-ft. (2.89 m) high-dump allows for discharge into large roll-offs and dump trucks.

-The Model 830-II Two high-volume vacuum fans draw dry dust through a large-capacity synthetic-singed polyester filter that effectively prevents dust exhaust.

-Centrally suspended main brush penetrates contours of any surface for thorough cleaning.

-Roomy, quiet cab with heater pressurized, quad mirrors and spring-suspension luxury seat ensure a comfortable ride.

-Stainless-steel hopper holds up to 3.4 cubic yds. (2.1 cubic m) of debris.


PDF Downloads:
  • 830-II Operator Checklist
  • 830-II Operator Manual
  • 830-II Brochure
  • 830-II 6 Cylinder Parts Manual
  • 830-II 4 Cylinder Parts Manual
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