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“Diamabrush Lithium concrete densifier is a complex blend of Lithium and other inorganic soluble silicates. When applied to concrete or masonry surfaces the silicates react with calcium hydroxide and reduce porosity and permeability of the concrete matrix. The result is that both the hardness and chemical resistance of the surfaces is increased resulting in longer service life. The membrane forming sealers can be worn away in high traffic areas, leaving the unprotected concrete unsightly and susceptible to chemical attack. Since DiamaBrush Lithium penetrates into the concrete, it will not scratch or peel off. Concrete surfaces treated with Diamabrush Lithium can be diamond polished in order to achieve a polish of high sheen. It is suggested Diamabrush Lithium be applied to cement-based terrazzo for increased “polish life” as a part of the terrazzo polishing process.”


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